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Welcome to OptiSoft.

A scandinavian busi-ness unit specialising in software and solutions for supply chain space optimisation.

Helgeshøj Allé 16D
2630 Taastrup
Tel: +45 43 55 52 49
Fax:+45 43 52 81 16
Web: www.optisoft.dk
Email: info@optisoft.dk

OptiSoft Profile

OptiSoft provides PC software programmes and solutions for "supply chain space optimisation" within the fields of packaging, logistics, distribution and shipping.

OptiSoft represents and sells the optimisation systems from leading international software developeres.

OptiSoft adds value to these systems acting as:

Solution provider
We will help you to specify your needs and match these against the possibilities within the different optimisation programs in our product range. We will put at your disposal all our expertise on possibilities of use, hints and general experiences from helping a lot of users solve a large variety of optimisation problems. We will help you with specifications on operating systems, hardware, network or other equipment involved. We will help you with installation and setup if you find this relevant. We will help you with possible education and training of relevant people. We will stand by on a hotline basis for questions that you run into. We will supply you with information on new releases and help you to move on and update your system when you find this relevant. In short we will quarantee you a complete optimisation solution.

System integrator
In situations where you want to extend the functionality of your optimisation program and connect to other of your systems, we will help you with this system integration. The number of integration possibilities are virtually without limits. You might be looking for a relatively straight forward interface for data transfer to other computer systems or productions equipment or you might be looking for a larger integrated setup that automises input, output, transfer and storage of data among systems related to your optimisation program. We can help you with system integration taking on total responsibility for an integration solution or - as we prefer - as a member of your internal project team.

Software developer
We have the resources, experience and expertise to develop stand-a-lone software to be used as add-on or extension to your optimisation program. We can also help you in the process of specifying and carrying through custermisation of your optimisation program itself to suit your special requirement such as special reports e.g.

Optimisation consultant
We know how to use the optimisation programmes in our product range to their full potential. If you have optimisation problems that you feel is to complicated or to time consuming to take on all by yourself, we will be happy to set you up with a qualified optimisation consultant for a relevant period. Minor jobs we can help you with on an hourly basis. On consultantcy basis we are also able to enter into more general cross-organisatial optimisations project where it is necessary to draw on wider range of logistical knowledge.