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Welcome to OptiSoft.

A scandinavian busi-ness unit specialising in software and solutions for supply chain space optimisation.

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What is supply chain space optimisation programmes

Supply chain space optimisation programmes are software tools for the PC that calculates optimum solutions concerning package design, pallet loading and container loading. How many cases can be loaded onto the pallet? Which length, width and height dimensions are the most efficient for a new package? How many containers are to be used for a given shipment and how are they to be loaded? etc...

Until now, it has been a time consuming and complicated task to manually work out suggestions for the most efficient solution. Often, this is why only a fraction of the possible solutions has been considered. For the same reason, only rarely the best and most efficient solution has been found.

Using supply chain space optimisation programmes the complex calculations are performed by computer which enables the user to identify and evaluate all possible alternatives. This gives a perfect basis for decision and an optimum solution.

Using supply chain space optimisation programmes the time needed for the problemsolving is reduced drastically. Even complicated questions can be analysed in 10-15 minutes. All solutions appear in well-arranged diagrams with two or three dimensional graphics all of which can be sent directly to the printer.